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PRICES FROM £35 £60 £125 £150 £40 £40
Full safety inspection
Nuts and bolts checked
Parts inspected for wear and damage
Wheels checked for true
Tyres inflated to correct pressure
Headset play adjusted
Chain wear checked
Chain Lubricated
Brakes tuned
Gears tuned
Minor Wheel true in bike
Wheels trued in jig
Cable fitting included
Brake pad fitting included
Wheel hub play adjusted
Drive chain removed and degreased
Free fitting of drive chain components
Shifting mechanisms degreased
Bike frame wiped down
Bike stripped to bare frame
Bike cleaned with pro cleaner
Wheel hubs stripped and cleaned
Free headset fitting/cleaned
Free bottom bracket fitting
Brakes cleaned
Brake rotors removed and cleaned
Hydraulic brake bleed

Climb on Bikes limited offer multiple levels of servicing.

So how do we cater for your needs?

No matter what bike you ride and how often you ride it regular services are important to keeping the bike running as smoothly as possible.

Our levels of servicing reflect this, from a basic bronze service for low mileage riders through to frequent riders where the ultimate gold service is likely to be more useful.

Our prices include VAT so you’ll not get a nasty shock with hidden costs when you come to pay!

Qualified Staff

All our staff are either qualified by Cytech or have a wealth of experience gained from ongoing in store training (headed by our workshop manager Pete Crump, British Cycling Mechanic) and also have other skills brought forward from bike and motor cross backgrounds.

Our ongoing program includes ”Tech Sessions” from our suppliers to ensure we are up to date on everything we offer in store and most products on market today.

Booking with us

We run a very busy workshop, so make sure you book well in advance to secure a date that convenient for you. Normally we operate within a 3-5 day notice period of bringing in your bike. However in peak season even with four full time mechanics, this period of time could be anything up to a week!

So we encourage you to dust off your bike or choose a range of new custom builds early to avoid last minute pleas of help, and let us keep you riding!

Get in touch

For a one to one chat please feel free to come in store and our friendly staff will be pleased to help and advise you. Alternatively contact us via phone or email address below

Phone: 01432 261211

Email: [email protected]

Standard Workshop Service Charges

  • All repairs receive a full safety check FREE of charge
  • Minimum workshop labour charge: £12.50
  • Labour per hour: £50
  • Puncture repair: £10 plus the price of the inner tube
  • Brake adjustment: £12.50 (parts not included)
  • Gear adjustment : £12.50 (parts not included)
  • Tub fitting: £50 (per wheel)
  • Tubeless conversion (including valves, tape and sealant): £25 (per wheel)
  • Tubeless conversion (bringing in your own products): £15 (per wheel)
  • Brake bleed: £25 per brake (oil included)
  • Wheel truing: Prices start from £12.50 per wheel (parts not included) please call for quotation
  • Wheel build: Prices start at £50 per wheel (parts not included)
  • Lower fork service: £50 (remove lowers, clean, inspect, re-assemble)
  • Air sleeve service rear shock: £25 (please call for more details)
  • Shimano DI2 diagnostic: £37.50 (check, alter to customers need and update)
  • Hub bearing replacement: Prices start at £17.50 (parts not included)
  • Headset fitting: £25 (parts not included)
  • Bottom bracket fitting: Prices start at £25 (parts not included)
  • Outside purchased bike assembly: Prices start at £40
  • Full bike build: £150
  • Bike wash: Prices start at £25

Rockshox Servicing

  • Rockshox Fork Service £100.00
  • Rockshox Rear Shock Service £100.00
  • Rockshox Vivid Air Service £125.00
  • Rockshox Reverb Service: £100.00