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First Service Free

Just like a car the first couple of weeks of riding effect’s the parts on the bike, whether this is cables being worn in or alignment changing. This can lead to the bike performing excessive wear, so in order to ensure that you continue to use and enjoy your bike we thought it only fair to offer a first service free of charge on all new bikes. This service should be carried out between 3-6 weeks of purchasing the bike depending on use and can be booked in by phoning, email or just popping in. Please ensure to book in advance as our workshop can be very busy especially in peak period with waiting times between five to seven days.


  • After sales service is valid 3-6 weeks from purchase date (dependant on usage)
  • Please book in advance to avoid disappointment
  • Position adjustments can be made to improve comfort/performance
  • Bike must be clean upon service, excess charges will be applied if the bike is dirty
  • The after sales service excludes the price of new parts and accessories, however parts can be fitted on request e.g. mudguards
  • The customer must bring back the original purchase receipt which will be signed by a mechanic on completion of the free service
  • Advice will be given to customers on maintenance of the bike on request, please consult the manufacturers handbook provided at the time of purchase for self maintenance

When to get a Service?

In addition to your first free service we offer a general service. It is recommended you carry out a service every 3-9 months dependent on use. Please ensure between service periods you try to keep your bike in a healthy state. This includes giving the chain regular lube, keeping the bike clean and general maintenance. Remember if you look after your bike, your bike will look after you (and your wallet).

If you have any more questions please contact us (01432 261211)