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Allied are producing something genuinely special. Something that’ll turn heads as you fly past or have them drooling when you are stopped on the cafe run with the club, coupled with a ride feel that is truly one of a kind and all in a personalized package that suits your style and fit.

Handmade at their own facility in Little Rock Arkansas. Allied control the entire production process from sheets of carbon fiber to the incredible finished product.

Founded in 2016 by Tony Karklins (founder of Orbea USA), the brand has an impressive list of names involved in the core team, including Sam Pickman and Chris Meertens who both an spent an extended amount of time working at Specialized, Olivier Lavigueur (11 years composite work at Guru) and Jim Cunningham (40 years premium paint experience and founder of CyclArt).

That hiring of Jim is particularly exciting, as the striking aesthetics of Allied Cycle Works’ bikes are one of the brand’s biggest draws. From fearsome matt black,  through pearlescent golds, to stunning cross-faded colour schemes, these are the bikes that look fast standing still.

Personalization is no longer a luxury but a necessity for premium products. Allied offer over 12 different sizes and fit options with a + head tube allowing for a more relaxed riding position. So you can be sure of the perfect fit. With a fantastic array of colours to choose from there is a look for every taste. When you see another Allied, it’s a handshake, a nod; this rider gets it, like you, they value originality and authenticity, individuality and community.

Fit is everything. Allied bicycles are available in an industry-leading 12 sizes: 49, 49+, 52, 52+, 54, 54+, 56, 56+, 58, 58+, 61 and 61+. The “+” designates a 2 cm taller head tube height that raises the front end slightly to allow for a more natural position for less flexible riders.

With 12 sizes to choose from, ALLIED bicycles are a bike fitter’s dream and allow for the perfect fit for every single type of rider.


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ALFA is the first bicycle designed, engineered, manufactured and marketed by ALLIED CYCLE WORKS. The ALLIED ALFA delivers performance, efficiency, simplicity, durability and beauty. It is designed to be a racing bicycle that is stiff and compliant where you need it to be. You will see the ALFA in the highest levels of professional cycling as well as at gran fondos and on your local club ride.
It is a perfectly balanced, high performance, handcrafted American made machine.





Meet the ALFA ALL ROAD: the multi-surface, disc brake brother of the Alfa

Not a gravel grinder, not a cross bike, not an adventure bike, not a commuter. The ALFA ALL ROAD is a high performance road bike that you can ride damn near anywhere. A road bike that is equally at home in road races as it is on dirt or gravel roads. The development team paid special attention to preserve the high performance ride characteristics of the ALFA while integrating flat mount disc brakes and allowing riders to adjust tire widths from 23c all the way to 38c. Chainstays and wheelbase are kept tight, riders can move seamlessly from their current road bike to the ALFA ALL ROAD and experience the same thrilling feel that a great road bike provides.

“The bike that I have waited my entire life to own” – Tony Karklins, Founder of HIA Velo


In February of 2016 when HIA Velo purchased the Guru Factory in Montreal, ALLIED also purchased the intellectual property and tooling for the highest performance custom carbon frameset in the industry, the Photon RX. Guru had spent nearly 8 years developing and refining the amazing custom frameset and Matt Phillips of Bicycling called it one of his favorite frames in 2015. ALLIED Cycle Works proudly re-launches this amazing product as the ALLIED ECHO. Best in class, custom carbon fiber that rivals the best production carbon frames in the industry and allows cyclists in need of custom to have a premium carbon frame option competitive in price with titanium and steel.


Lifting The Curtain On Carbon Fiber